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This is the page where we will put pictures of our dogs doing what he was bred to do--herd!!

We took Jackson to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California Herding Instinct Test on Saturday, April 17th, 2004 at Vanderford Arena in Sunland, CA. Although he obviously is not a Pembroke, they were nice enough to let Cardigans participate also (5 were tested!).

Jackson had blast, and turned right on to the sheep, and showed intense interest in herding.

Jackson passed. There were three sheep used. With regard to his working style and characteristics, the following best describes his herding instinct:

Style- shows gathering (heading)
Approach- runs wide through training
Wearing- shows wearing
Bark- force barks
Eye- shows medium eye
Aggressiveness- forceful (without excess)
Temperament- readily adjusts
Interest- intense/higly interested

Judy's comments- Really a neat dog! Work on the "come".

Jackson did have some problems with the come at the end. He though it was a game and he just wanted to get back to herding the sheep. We eventually opened the outside gate and he went right out and was caught. We will be starting obedience lessons to work on his independent streak.

We had a great time meeting the people we had met at the PW/CWCCSC Match a few weeks ago.